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Welcome to NYOCD, New York Center for OCD and Anxiety Related Disorders.
New York Center for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (NYOCD) and anxiety disorders is dedicated to improving the lives of people who are faced with the challenges and obstacles that can be created by OCD, Depression and Anxiety Disorders. NYOCD was created to serve the community by using effective treatment in a dedicated and compassionate environment. Dr. Lancer has extensive experience using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure response therapy (ERT) with adults, adolescents, and school aged children.

Additionally, Dr. Lancer now integrates structured physical exercise therapy for some of his patients, which has proven to be an effective addition to traditional therapy in some patients suffering from certain mental illnesses. Dr. Robert Lancer believes that all people deserve to live life to their fullest without fear and anxiety. The goal of our treatment approach is to help you feel greater mastery, control, and freedom in your lives, in so you can pursue your values and goals. NYOCD provides both individual and group therapy sessions. We also have group therapy sessions catered to family, friends, and love ones of those struggling with OCD, Anxiety, and Depression.

“TODAY may be filled with anxiety and pain, but effective treatment
can ensure you a sense of inner peace in the FUTURE.”

About Dr. Robert Lancer, a Long Island, NY Psychologist.

dr robert lancerDr. Robert Lancer, a New York State Licensed psychologist is an expert in the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders. Dr. Lancer has spoken nationally and internationally on OCD, depression, and anxiety disorders, including conferences in San Diego, Philadelphia, as well as Europe. Dr. Lancer has been involved for well over a decade researching, treating, and speaking nationally and internationally on the topic of OCD.  He has a strong commitment to serving people who are affected by OCD.  Dr. Lancer has successfully used cognitive and behavioral therapy to treat OCD, depression, and anxiety.  After years of working with OCD, Dr. Lancer is able to deliver the highest quality treatment with his unique insights into OCD and Anxiety to ensuring that a person will have a reduction in their symptoms rapidly.
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Garden City Office: 5 Nassau Blvd. South, Garden City, NY 11530
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