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"Group therapy with my son has enabled both of us to become more confident as we have learned to face our fears, and reduce our anxiety levels significantly.It was an invaluable, educational experience for us that we will always look back on to summon strength and support."

L.C. - Long Island

Group Therapy, Long Island, NY.

All group therapy sessions are run by Dr. Lancer which last approximately 1 1/2 hours. Group therapy sessions are a cost effective alternative to individual sessions and are also beneficial for those not ready to commit to one on one training. Group therapy sessions are based on the Freedom from OCD Program which covers all concepts of OCD education and treatment. You will learn how to properly apply techniques that are specifically designed to help you successfully overcome OCD for the lasting long term results.

Program features include weekly discussion meetings, one individual session with Dr. Lancer to help create a personalized hierarchy for exposure therapy, and assessment workshops. Dr. Lancer will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the exposure process in his development of creative and challenging weekly assignments for each group member to ensure constant and steady progress toward recovery.

Dr. Lancer wants to emphasize that group therapy gives you the advantage of working together with other people sharing ideas, stories, and suggestions.  Dr. Lancer’s group format is fully interactive and weekly topics will be discussed. Group therapy offers the advantage of a support network to discuss and find resolutions to difficulties that members are encountering in their life, namely overwhelming anxiety and fear. Members who are not initially comfortable actively participating in group discussions are encouraged to advance at their own rate.



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