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“My objective is to take complex subjects such as fear, anxiety, depression and explain them in a more simplified form so that people can better understand them.  It’s really not about using complicated terminology – rather it’s about using an effective system that helps people face their fears and overcome adversity in their personal lives.

Starting at around the age of 11 through college I went through a very challenging time having recurrent anxiety and panic attacks.  All those years I was in my own personal inferno.  The only way I got through it was my powerful conviction that one day I would conquer my fears and anxiety.  My book “Rise Within: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety” is a compilation of all the wisdom, strategies, and tools I learned and developed along the way.   My objective in writing the book is to assist adolescents and young adults in gaining similar techniques and skills so that they can overcome their own fears and anxiety — either with or without a therapist, with their parents or on their own.  I purposefully wrote in a style so that everyone can benefit.”

What was your pain?

“It was mostly anxiety — I believe my anxiety caused me to have an external and internal mask. On the external I was ‘successful’ – excelling at sports and in school, but my internal life was defined by negative emotions and feelings and anxious days and nights.

Anxiety is experienced both physically and emotionally.  When anxiety attacks strike it’s as if someone pulled an internal fire alarm without there being a fire. My physical and emotional system would go into overload as my anxiety heightened.  There were endless and constant false alarms – panic all the time.  It could happen in the middle of class, with a date, in the middle of sports, or while I was sleeping.  The attacks occurred unexpectedly with no rhyme or reason.  It was a physical feeling – shaking, trembling, that kind of thing, and the emotional feeling created despair, shock, and loss of confidence.”

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