Rise Within, Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

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Over the years in my battle over anxiety, fear, and depression, I have learned a lot not only about myself, but also volumes on anxiety and fear. I came to the understanding that in life we all have internal struggles. However, the major key difference is that they occur at varying degrees. Anxiety is one of the eight basic emotions we all feel. Anxiety is caused by stress, often created from challenges at school, work, home, or even financial matters. At some level, anxiety is an everyday occurrence for us all.

The anxious mind causes for shifts in thinking (negative to positive) and knocks the motivation out of people to take chances. A state of mental paralysis can occur transforming the simplest of tasks into the realm of virtually impossible. This book helps readers understand that they are not alone in their suffering and that help is available. I offer tips, tools, and suggestions for overcoming anxiety, not just as a psychologist, but also as a fellow anxiety sufferer who has conquered the anxiety demon that once paralyzed my life.

  • Chapter I


    The people who seek out treatment for their anxiety and depression are the real warriors. They are the ones who stretch beyond their comfort zone and attempt to change their life. This chapter helps readers understand that anyone can suffer in silence, but only warriors take action.

  • Chapter II


    Everyone has a “why” – a purpose in life. What is yours? This chapter helps readers understand why having a “why” is so vital to overcoming anxiety and depression.