No Approval Needed

We all have talents and strength within. Therefore, it is vital to always believe in yourself and not rely on the praise of others to spread your wings and be your personal greatest. All of us have gifts. However, the fear of others’ scrutiny keeps many people chained within and does not enable them to live life to the fullest. Instead, they stay in a life of conformity and to play it safe. If you want to achieve greatness, you must face up to the inner voices in your head that keep you living in fear. Once you learn to conquer the inner critic of negativity, you can fully harness and unleash your inner greatness.

You have to embrace the fear and realize it is a process you go through not to learn who you are but to discover the person you have the full potential to become. Many people have died full of fear instead of living full of courage. One of the main tragedies in a person’s life is when they deprive others of their talent due to the fear of taking he risk of embarrassment or failure. Realize that even people like Thomas Edison have failed. He said that before he created light bulb he “learned 10,000 ways not to make a lightbulb.”

Harness your fear and let it be your guide. Let the fear sharpen your sword and keep it on your toes, and know that fear will help you learn how courageous you are, how confident you will become, and how you will give yourself the ultimate prize of unconditional self-acceptance. If you look through a thick American history book, you will find that the greatest leaders fought through the tough and uncertain times and turned their negative situations into POSITIVE ONES.


Use fears as a tour guide. The fears you have in your mind are usually the reminders of the direction which you must go in to actually achieve. Living in your comfort zone is riskier and more dangerous than any fear you will ever imagine.

Make a daily list of what you know deep down that you should be doing, not what is comfortable or convenient for you to do. Living a life of convenience is an empty one. Take 21 days and pledge to take steps toward living a seemingly more challenging life, embracing risk and fear. Each day write down the lesson you learned from this new mindset. When you reach the 21st-day, look on what you have accomplished from each day of living this alternative way. Post daily notes in a place where you are can see them, so you are visibly tracking your progress.

You can do this. The power is within.

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