Poem To My Children and Yours

Dr. Rob Lancer

Don’t ever give into any fame or fortune of others because your actual celebrity lies within.

You are your greatest hero; no matter what anyone says or does it will never change the glory in your heart.

Be yourself and true to your soul; and therefore your life will be forever in control.

Only the person who stares back at you in the mirror is your true friend, for in life there is no need to give into others and ever sacrifice.

Your mother and I and have always been proud of you; you are not to be judged by anyone not matter what he or she says or does.

People are people, just like you, so steer from the glamor no matter what you do.

When pain strikes hard is when you must step up and find your inner hero and fight.

Never, Never, Never, Give Up!!

You are the only one in control; dig deep in your heart and be true to your soul.

When times get rough as life inevitably will, hold your head high and let the sun shine on you from above.

No one, nor two or an even a whole army, can stands in your way should you ever feel negative in who you are that day.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do— not matter how long you must fight do what you must do.

If you ever look back, you will lose the sight of your goal and never foresee what the actual future holds.

Although you are little and might not know this now, life will create obstacles, but above them, you must prevail.

In conclusion, my son, please read over these words, for whenever you feel battered or bruised to lose or give in, finish the fight and follow your inner voice.

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