Social Anxiety

Don't let your disorder become your identity

Dr. Robert Lancer

The program offers:

  • Assessment of treatment needs.
  • Identification of triggers (situations, places, people) that create anxiety for you.
  • Learn to live with uncertainty, fear, and doubt.
  • Identify irrational beliefs and behaviors associated with social anxiety.
  • Learn how to rethink the way you think.
  • Alternative and effective strategies to avoidance and reassurance seeking from others.
  • Develop a gradual exposure hierarchy that helps you ‘Face Your Fears’.
  • Assertiveness and communication training.
  • Learn how to shift from negative thinking to a mindset of positive momentum.

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Freedom From Social Anxiety is based on the principles of Dr. Lancer’s “Freedom From Anxiety.” This program trains you to ‘Rise Within’ and successfully makes social anxiety a part of your past. Freedom From Social Anxiety gives you the tools and strategies to reclaim a peaceful and productive life.

Dr. Lancer strongly believes it is of the utmost importance in life to “Be Yourself, Not Your Disorders.” This program is specially designed to give you the ultimate edge over your social anxiety.

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