Victorious Mindset
Success Redefined

by Dr. Rob Lancer

Life is all about perspective. Viewing life from different angles. No matter who you are or what you embark upon in life, success and failure are always two possible outcomes. The sooner you stop living by what conventional wisdom dictates as success or failure, the sooner you are on your road to personal victory and glory. No one is ever above encountering failure. But it is important to remember that one setback does not define you as a failure, just as one positive outcome doesn’t make up an immense success.

Every day gives you a new opportunity to start over or build on yesterday’s positive momentum. People who are driven by success focus on creating success in the present day and letting go of yesterday. Yes, the victorious mind remains locked at all times on success, refusing to let the fear of failure get in their way.

Just like an undefeated fighter, a championship team, or a famous person who is ‘on top,’ the Victorious Mind defines success differently, understanding that it is not a single success that keeps them moving but the challenge of overcoming fear and failures that have made them great. In life, it is truly the person who is willing to fail over and over to succeed who is the real victor.

All of us are on a journey, and the victory goes to the hungriest and most determined person. A true champion knows that it is fear, failure, and the drive to overcome their personal inner demons that make them great. True accomplishment and victory are not when we get the ‘approval from others,’ but rather when we get the acceptance and approval from within.

Therefore, personal greatness is when we no longer define ourselves by victory or defeat, but rather welcome our journey through life that truly defines us.

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