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Welcome to New York Center for OCD and Anxiety Related Disorders.

Our mission is to teach and equip you with the tools to conquer OCD and Anxiety.  Dr. Rob Lancer, OCD expert, will provide the blueprint for rapid and lasting recovery over OCD.
Your results are our focus. Let us provide you with a step-by-step blueprint for lifelong recovery.



During your presentation, I looked out at our packed meeting room. Members and guests were evidently riveted by the clarity and passion of your discussion of OCD and Anxiety Disorders. It does my heart good to see a strong connection between speaker and members. What I remember: your clarity and ability to connect one on one with your audience. Your genuine offers for all present to contact you with questions. Many thanks for your comprehensive 24 page OCD handout. You have an open invitation for a return visit in the future.

Sid Miller
NAMI Long Island Regional Council

Rarely do I read a book that is so full of pearls of wisdom.... We are all looking for a purpose either consciously or unconsciously. This book serves as a vibrant blueprint for how one finds purpose. There is innovative material here that is not available in other books.

Michael Jenike, MD
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Rob Lancer has mastered the craft of creating strategies, techniques, and solutions to helping others successfully overcome fear and anxiety. He strongly believes that our future leaders are reachable, teachable, and redeemable. His style and his passion will be sure to reach not only your mind but your heart.

Les Brown
World Renowned Inspirational Speaker

It was a great pleasure having you speak at our NAMI Queens/Nassau meeting last night. You were an engaging speaker and the audience appreciated the compassion you displayed for those suffering from OCD and their families. Although you made it clear that you don’t have all the answers, you nevertheless gave a good overview of some of the ways in which OCD expresses itself, the toll it takes on the individual with OCD and their family, and came well prepared with a comprehensive handout. We look forward to working with you in the future and thank you for your commitment to our cause.

Janet Susin, President
NAMI Queens/Nassau

I am extremely fortunate and grateful that my son and I were able to receive excellent therapy with Dr. Robert Lancer.

New York

Group therapy with my son has enabled both of us to become more confident as we have learned to face our fears, and reduce our anxiety levels significantly.It was an invaluable, educational experience for us that we will always look back on to summon strength and support.

Long Island

Before meeting Dr. Lancer, I was unclear of why I was experiencing constant anxiety and getting bizarre and strange thoughts. I amm so happy I reached out to Dr. Lancer. He has helped me understand why I get these awful obsessions and habitually spend hours washing my hands.

Long Island

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Dr. Robert Lancer, a Long Island,
New York Psychologist.

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Dr. Robert Lancer, a New York State Licensed psychologist is an expert in the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders. Dr. Lancer has spoken nationally and internationally on OCD, depression, and anxiety disorders, including conferences in San Diego, Philadelphia, as well as Europe. Dr. Lancer has been involved for well over a decade researching, treating, and speaking nationally and internationally on the topic of OCD.

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He has a strong commitment to serving people who are affected by OCD. Dr. Lancer has successfully used cognitive and behavioral therapy to treat OCD, depression, and anxiety. After years of working with OCD, Dr. Lancer is able to deliver the highest quality treatment with his unique insights into OCD and Anxiety to ensuring that a person will have a rapid reduction in their symptoms.


Rise within

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

Over the years in my battle over anxiety, fear, and depression, I have learned a lot not only about myself, but also volumes on anxiety and fear. I came to the understanding that in life we all have internal struggles. However, the major key difference is that they occur at varying degrees. Anxiety is one of the eight basic emotions we all feel. At some level, anxiety is an everyday occurrence for us all. The anxious mind causes for shifts in thinking (negative to positive) and knocks the motivation out of people to take chances. A state of mental paralysis can occur transforming the simplest of tasks into the realm of virtually impossible. This book helps readers understand that they are not alone in their suffering and that help is available.

Dr. Robert Lancer
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