The Comeback Kid Inside Of All

The journey I have encountered in life has not been an easy one. But, after years of being a victim of fear and anxiety, I came to the ultimate realization that while the advice of others may be helpful, only I could create lasting change and turn all the negative aspects of my life around. That’s when I started to take charge and developed the will to begin on the road to recovery paved with positivity and peace.

I never had a person who took my hand and drew a concise roadmap for me to come to my destination. Many decisions I made were thought out while others weren’t. My greatest lessons I learned came from failing over and over again before ultimate success. My internal mindset was never to give up or give in to failure, fear, or anxiety. Yes, every day I was overwhelmed with uncertainty and doubt about what the future held. However, I knew I had to overcome all my fear and anxiety.

I could not succumb and live a life of constantly being haunted by fears around me. So, all the successful lessons that I have learned throughout my toughest days of overcoming my fears are laid out before you. My belief that the suffering was for a purpose is now a reality. Now I can pass along and serve others with a message of hope that the hard work you put in during the bitter cold seasons of your life will pay off.

There is a Comeback Kid in all of us. We all have the ability to achieve greatness and surpass any obstacles, challenges, or roadblocks in our way. You must never feel alone. When you look in the mirror and see pain looking back at you, you are not suffering in solitude. Whether you just can’t break through and face the fears of risk and failure or you have been fighting an anxiety disorder that seems to have just taken the better of you, you are not alone. I repeat “you are not alone.” The opposite is true.

You are not alone; others feel anxious, fearful, defeated, and in despair. These are emotions and feeling we all face. It is true that some of us feel these emotions more frequently and more intensely, but it doesn’t mean that hope and help if not out there. The sun rises every morning, and I urge you to see the brightness of the sun whether the season is summer or winter.

In all of us lies the strength to overtake our fears and anxieties. We all have the capability. Even if you feel at a point where you can’t push anymore, don’t despair. Even a glimmer of hope within you can spark a new beginning. One of the most difficult concepts to overcome when battling fear and anxiety is the uncertainty of

when that next dose of effort you give will free you from your problems. But if you stay true to your fight and never flee, – victory is yours.

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