Fear is a lie

A key to getting past where you are at this point in your life is to turn the should’s in your life into the Musts. When fear, anxiety, and conflict puts you in the way of crossroads, you need to be clear in what you tell yourself. During tough times it is a given that there are going to be doubts and concerns. That is what defines this moment in your life as truly difficult. But to get past this bump in the road, you need to tell yourself that you not only should but Must take action. By just changing the word from should to MUST you are taking away the alternative of not only forgetting about looking back but making the conscious decision that you will keep fighting forward until you reach your destination. By succeeding through this process, you will have learned a lesson others cannot teach you. No longer shall you back down from anxiety and fear; rather fear will be forever redefined. You will not only succeed at conquering the challenge, but the challenge will make you STRONGER. You will no longer avoid these doubts but embrace them, knowing that they don’t have the power over you that you once believed they did.

Today not tomorrow, take the action need to turn your present struggle into a exercise of expanding your Strengths. It is important to know that the things you don’t want to do today are the one’s that will create the outcome you desire tomorrow. You are not the only one facing doubt, uncertainty, and fear. However, you are the Only one who can be the one to change your current mindset into a Victorious mindset. It is not easy but it is certainly worth it. Declare today to be the day you RISE WITHIN.

Dr. Rob Lancer

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