Freedom From OCD

There is no two same people and it's very important to develop individualized plans for patients that will guarantee the optimal results possible. Treatment program for OCD is evidence-based and designed to help you make rapid progress in reducing your symptoms.

Dr. Robert Lancer

Freedom From OCD trains you to ‘Rise Above’ your OCD and gives you the tools/strategies to reclaim a peaceful and productive life. Topics include:

  • Psycho-learning of how doubt, uncertainty, and fear cause OCD.
  • Learn to properly identify and manage anxiety provoking obsessive thoughts.
  • Learn to live with uncertainty, fear, and doubt.
  • Identify irrational OCD beliefs and behaviors, which lead to the maintenance of OCD symptoms.
  • Compulsive Awareness Training.
  • Develop a gradual exposure hierarchy that helps you face your fears.

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Compulsive Awareness Training

Dr. Lancer firmly believes that exposure without good response prevention will not lead to optimal results. Therefore, he has created ‘Compulsive Awareness’ training, which is a systematic way of helping you gain greater control over your physical and/or mental compulsion. The system helps you identify, develop greater insight, and gain better control over your compulsive behavior. This is done through specially designed worksheets used to track your symptoms on a daily basis. This is important because compulsions only lengthen the recovery time by undermining exposure homework. So with systematic compulsion awareness a person gets training to significantly reduce and ultimately eliminate their compulsive behavior.

Dr. Lancer’s ‘Face Your Fears’ System

Obsessional fears are confronted in a way that will provide ultimate success. The beginning stages of the exposure therapy process address your obsessional fears using small exposures at an anxiety level you are able to tolerate. Each fear on the hierarchy is approached at your own pace in order to help you through the ‘habituation’ (tolerance) process. As you gain momentum, we gradually work up the hierarchy exposure ladder that addresses more demanding and intense fears. The higher you move up the hierarchy, the more challenging exposure becomes, but you will achieve greater results. Because exposure homework can be very difficult and sometimes frustrating, Dr. Lancer puts a strong emphasis on supporting and motivating his clients throughout the complete therapy process.

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