Go For The Positive

By Dr. Rob Lancer

Always remember to enjoy the positive in life. Unfortunately, when you are feeling down you tend to gravitate to the negative. A person who is down wants to listen to sad music, just as a person in a good mood wants to listen to upbeat tunes. Ironically, what we should listen to and our actions are usually not in sync. However, you might want to experiment next time you are feeling down and discover the power of human emotion. Our emotions are capable of switching quite fast. Just think of a movie that made you laugh and two scenes later made you cry.

Positive emotions have the power to energize you and turn your anxious/sad mood upside down. Once you tap into your positive switch, you then have the authority to transform your mindset and recreate any day into a great one. However, be warned that the dark side possesses the same power. If you let the negativity crawl into your mind, you will find that you will be drained of your energy and experience feelings that will result in a mood of anxiety/depression. That is why you need to guard your mind against negative people. Your mind is like a clear fish bowl. With proper care, it remains clear, and the food (thoughts) is just right. However, an overabundance of pollution (negative thoughts) causes the water to cloud and the fish to die.

Try to remember a situation when a day was going well, and you felt great. Just then the phone rings, and you hear some bad news. What happens? The words the person spoke did not bring you down. It’s the actual emotions that creep in and created the experience. On the flip side, if you are having a tough day and all of a sudden one of your good friends you didn’t hear from is on the other end, you probably immediately felt energized. Both are occurring on the same day, but they are two different scenarios. You didn’t consciously take the initiative to change your mood, and rather someone else created the switch in the way you were feeling. But the secret is that you don’t need to have something happen to you to have a change in mood or create positive feelings. You can do this all on your own.

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