The Words and Truths Of The Comeback Kid

Dr. Rob Lancer


YOU NEVER HAVE A CHANCE TO RISE IF YOUR FEET FIGHT TO STAY ON THE GROUND Fear is not a “why.” It is a limitation to reaching your dreams.

Fear is within all of us; it is one of the main emotions we all experience. In some instances, fear can work as a prompt or wake up call to take action. It can serve as one of our greatest motivators. However, it can also create a paralyzing feeling when doubt and uncertainty accompany it.

Some people are more inclined to pass on a situation where fear is present. It is most likely due to their upbringing. Now, I believe that parents should be honored and held in high esteem. However, many parents don’ t realize that fear; doubt, and uncertainty can be passed down from generation to generation.

Really, fear is all about perspective. What others view as risky, others view as opportunities. Some people are taught to avoid fear and run from it. However, this is not an efficient strategy because fear is an emotion in our mind, and as you run further and further from it the feeling intensifies. The more you hide from your fears, the greater the power it has over you. Even though Teddy Roosevelt, said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” many have not heeded his advice. I believe this is because fear is not a pleasant emotion to think about or act toward resolving.

Some people have more inept fear than others. For some, it is easy to say, “Overcome your fears” because they have never truly faced the fear of the inner beast that lies within the intense anxiety.

Working in the area of fear, I have made a fascinating observation. A fear that intimidates and frightens one individual does not hold true for the next. Also, people with certain fears have difficulty understanding why another person would be fearful of something they find neutral and unintimidating.

Average fears are one issue. However, the more pressing issue is when irrational fears plague a child, teen, or college student. Irrational fears are hose fears that have no basis in the realm of reality. To make this problem worse, people with irrational fears have trouble asking people for help because they have trouble understanding and interrupting the fear. If that is not bad, enough, the fears and intrusive thoughts come at random times when there is no premise or basis for the concern at all.

Let’ s review: , an irrational fear has no real world basis, occurs at random times, and cannot be expressed or understood by others. What a predicament this is when intrusive fears become intensified by large doses of anxiety and discomfort. So how does one go about getting help? Well, there is the specialist who is focused in on this area.

Although this is considered an illness of the mind, it is certainly not an accurate reflection of one’s personality. That is why I make a point to always tell my patients that, there must be a crystal clear distinction between the person and the disorder.I believe that people do not have a disorder; rather, they must find a method to “reorder their thinking about their issue.”

The importance lies in the fact that people equate the word “disorder” with meaning a malfunction or dysfunction in a person personality. They tend to make assumptions about people based on uneducated guesses and misinformation. They start treating the fully functioning person as someone who is different and is not the same as they used to be. However, I realize the strength and mental toughness these mind warriors have to wake up every morning in the face of fear and anxiety and push through the day. It is not that their personality has changed; it is that their mindset has shifted due to uncontrollable brain chemistry. Yes, my hero’s are the kids, adolescents, and teens who can see through their current struggle and envision a brighter day when they will have overcome their inner obstacles and be stronger for it.

No one likes to think of or learn about the negative in life, but the negative in life leaves clues for success. Only when you have faced your inner fears and stared them down straight in the eye and defeated them will you understand the power of turning a negative into positive.

Who has ever given accolades to the people overcoming inner pain and mental illness? The stigma and misconceptions of the mentally ill stand and continue to live on because it is easier to look away and not educated yourself on what it is until it strikes home.

I am the comeback kid; I do not care if only one person’s life changes due to my words. I am the unsung hero who wants to provide the inspiration to help those who look at their life as a failure. Being mentally ill is not the end; rather, , it is the beginning to get back up the 101st time after you have suffered for the last 3 or 5 or 10 or 20 years. It is never too late to get back up and fight with all the might you have to over come. I am the Rising Phoenix; I rise above the emotional pain. I challenge any individual to look to their right or left and not find a person who has suffered or been affected by depression or anxiety. However, we never know reveal our true self as we hide behind our inner masks.

We all must rise like the Phoenix and always remember that tough times do not last, tough people do.” Each day that passes the more difficult it becomes. As you see people around you, see people living their lives with their mask. Emotional pain is incomparable to physical pain. However, emotional pain can be temporary. It might last for a month, a year, or years, but if you quit, emotional pain will be with you forever. How bad do you want to overcome and change your faith? You have no one but yourself.The Phoenix lives within all of us. The comeback kid lives inside of you, and you need to seek it out with all your courage, spirit, energy, and invincibility. Every day and night you move towards facing your fears, – no matter how challenging and painful it may be, you will wake up the next day stronger than before, and the light will begin to shine better on you.

You are the controller of your destiny.

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