Voice For
The Voiceless

I am the Voice for the Voiceless.
Battle On: My Lifelong Pledge To Be the Voice for the Voiceless:

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself
what makes you come alive, then go do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have
come alive.

Howard Thurmond

Whenever I face an obstacle in my life, I remember the importance of the Four R’s: Rethink, Reset, React, Refuse. Even though I have lived a life of difficulty and obstacles, I still realize that challenges lie ahead. Why do I remind myself of the obstacles? Because a fulfilling and successful life requires that we not only achieve, but also thrive and survive a constant series of challenges.

While I acknowledge the challenges, I always make it a point to cherish the positive. That’s what enables me to get past and rise above negative circumstances and people. So I use the Four R process and apply it to all of the principles in this book. I know that just having and attaining the mastery of the abilities I laid forth is not enough; rather, the application of them in life is the most rewarding experience you can have.

Every morning you wake up is a gift to you and the people around you. I wrote this book because I am convinced that each person in the world has great talents and gifts that create an enormous contribution to the world. But I urge you not to neglect any day or days in your life. By using the Four R’s of Rethink, Reset, React, and Refuse, you will be able to appreciate each and every day of your life.

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do Greatness can be found in the darkest and toughest of times. Just as positive and upbeat times teach us lessons, so do the times in which we struggle. Learning from these times is essential. Always remember that pain is not permanent.


The brain and body work together in unison to create the life you currently have. Without the mind and body being in sync, neither could function properly. Emotion has the power to move millions into action and at the same time paralyze that group into a stagnant state. Emotions can help or hinder your quest to free yourself from anxiety. This may seem simplistic or obvious, but in life we so often neglect to realize this fact. One of my favorite quote:


Tough times don’t last, tough people do


It is a universal reminder for all that in order for us as humans to have the resilience and fortitude to not only survive but also thrive, we need to harness the will of our mind and body to get past and grow from the difficult times in life.

I am truly an optimist realist, having the ability to see the opportunity and upside of difficult times, and also the wisdom to see what is realistic. This is not about approaching life with blind optimism, which is to only see the good while ignoring the real- life situation. With that being said, it is of the utmost importance that parents teach their children, and that children and teens understand, that it is not a question of “If hard times will come but rather of “When.” This is precisely why I laid out the principles that turned my personal chaos into one of conquer. My experiences have blessed me with the ability to see life from a three dimensional perspective: the sufferer, the interrupter, and the healer.


By now I hope you understand what it has taken for me to be able to get to this point in life. Each chapter I have written from not only a professional perspective, but also a deeply personal level. I know firsthand how vital it was to find my “why” in order to overcome fear, anxiety, and depression. The core of my “why” was formulated by personally taking a deep introspection of my values, beliefs, and mindset. It created a system that allowed me to stretch beyond my comfort zone that required me to break the barrier of suffering in silence and become a tougher version of my original self: a warrior.

The “why” you will formulate will create a pivot point in the direction of the future you will shape. Once you formulate your “why, it will take true perseverance to cope with and overcome even the most seemingly impossible circumstances that are created by the lethal combination of fear, anxiety, and depression.

Remember the power of optimism that will help you defeat the negative mindset created by uncertainty, fear, and doubt. Optimism is vital in order to turn a negative mindset into a victorious one. The more you practice maintaining positivity, the more positive momentum you will develop. Momentum is a major factor in not only overcoming your fears, anxieties, and doubts, but also in creating an overall positive life for yourself.

Never give up on your desire to attain a victorious mindset. You will have the power to conquer fear, break through your self-limiting belief, and achieve greatness beyond your measure.

Whether you are a professional, parent, or individual who has granted me the opportunity to share my knowledge, it is vital to internalize or pass on the message that a person’s adversity does not define who they are. Never fall into the trap of mistaking your anxiety, fear, or depression as a character flaw or as indication of your true personality. Remember that how you feel is only a temporary setback for a stronger comeback.


You have to embrace your fear and realize it is a process you go through in order to learn not who you are, but the person you have the full potential to become. The key is to let the fear sharpen your sword and keep you on your toes. Know that fear will help you learn how courageous you are, how confident you will become, and how you give yourself the ultimate prize of unconditional self-acceptance.

After my journey, I pledged to be the “Voice for the Voiceless.” My mission will continue to not only break down mental health stigma, but also to eliminate it globally. I pledge to my children, your children, and to all great minds that we all have the fearlessness and boldness to overcome fear, anxiety, and depression so we can all RISE WITHIN.


Beyond Recovery, A Life of Excellence.
Dr. Rob Lancer